This is the home of a new Geek Lifestyle Podcast “Two Drunk Geeks and Ryan!” Hopefully for those of you who have found us this will entertain. If so, please tell your friends! This is just yet another fan perspective on the awesome hobby of collecting action figures, statues, and frankly what ever is active in the Geek world. I use the expression Geek Lifestyle because we are a group who have grown up with this hobby. We are 35+ years old, have witnessed how this hobby has grown through the years…and have loved it all. We would love your comments, suggestions, trolling…ok not the trolling but we know it will happen.


The three of us all have our own review sites but may also use this site for additional content, observations or just comments.


You can find content from Figure Fan Here at Figurefanzero.com


Work from Ryan at ryanlb.com, his awesome photography at Tokunation.com, and his video reviews


Finally Starscreamer’s  work is HERE at Starscreamersrants.com


We hope you all will enjoy!

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