Episode 7, the Geeks sell out! To Ryan?



After a looooong delay…we are back!!!! Starwars news, Hasbro raves…Movie Rants….on and we can swear Avengers Spoiler Free (we recorded before the movie came out so….) Kick back, relax…this is a goooood time!

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Oh and Ryan needs cash, check out his sales! all sales http://collection.ryanlb.com/wiki/Sales


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Episode 2! Germ Warfare!

 drax (10)

 Episode 2 

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Episode 2 of our riveting show has Figurefan struck by some kind of bug…plus someone switched Starscreamer’s beer with something non alcoholic me thinks….and Ryan, well that man is a tank so he was at 110%…but I digress…the liner notes!!


Marvel Legends Drax

Figuarts Chalice

New Storm Trooper Helmet!

Sideswipe Generations Review

Hot Toys Harlock